15 / 03 / 2016
A new exclusive cooperation between ETA ENERGY & SM!GHT. ETA ENERGY and SM!GHT, announced with great pleasure the beginning of their strategic cooperation. Our common vision, is the development of an intelligently connected infrastructure and networking in our country, making it into a country of future. “Smart” cities with technological developments creating more possibilities and conveniences for the civilians. Cooperation between ETA ENERGY L.T.D. and SM!GHT regards to an exclusive disposal of SM!GHT products from ETA ENERGY. ETA ENERGY L.T.D. has multiannual experience in automation systems and energy management, with steady and trusted relationships so with technical as with construction and commercial companies. In combination with innovative products from SM!GHT is one of the leading trading companies. SM!GHT company as an EnBW subsidiary, with respect for the environment, comes to change the infrastructure of the city. Combining multiple possibilities of technology, it changes a usual street light to a wi-fi hotspot, emergency call station, environment data collector and a vehicle charging station.