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Junction boxes in thermosetting (GRP)

Junction boxes in thermosetting (GRP) TAIS series by Palazzoli.
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Product Inquiry

Junction boxes in thermosetting (GRP)


    TAIS boxes represent the state of the art for industrial electrical junctions, both for wall mounting or on machinery boards in insulating material. The offer is structured on two types of boxes, one is with small dimensions for mounting on board of machineries and the other is with medium and big dimensions to be wall mounted for industrial plants.

    All the products of the TAIS series are made of thermosetting (GRP), the material by Palazzoli that does not propagate the flame, does not emit toxic gases and resistant to chemical agents.
    The special gaskets in non-ageing elastomer guarantee a protection rating up to IP68, for installing in areas subject to possible flooding.
    The back boxes are equipped with brass threaded inserts that ensure an easy opening and closing of the cover even after long time.
    Practically immune to the major part of all the aggressive substances they are the best solution for industrial installations under 1.5 Mtrs height.


    • Junction boxes in thermosetting (GRP) with high or low cover IP67
    • Junction boxes in thermosetting (GRP) with high or low cover IP68
    • Junction boxes in thermosetting (GRP) with transparent window IP67

    Further information about these products and their accessories at pdf-link below.

    • IP
      67, 68
    • Dimensions
      92x92x50 - 250x125x75 mm