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High Bay Lighting Fixture META Led. Palazzoli

High Bay Lighting Fixture series Meta Led
Product Inquiry

Product Inquiry

High Bay Lighting Fixture META Led. Palazzoli


    META Led guarantees the lighting performance and fixture characteristics for installation in industrial, food preparation, sport centers and external areas. The die cast aluminium body is treated to prevent corrosion and the 4 mm extra clear tempered glass diffuser ensures maximum resistance to chemical substances.

    The polycarbonate diffuser version makes the device suitable to be installed in food industries compliant with the HACCP standards. The different light distributions (extra wide, narrow, elliptical and asymmetrical) allow for finding the best solution for the different working applications, guaranteeing the visual comfort and best light performance.

    • Easy connection system.
    • High heat dissipation.
    • Safe and long life.
    • Energy saving in your control.
    • Tailored light output.
    • Solid and robust body.
    • Maximum protection.
    • Emergency versions.

    Further information about these products and their accessories at pdf-link below.

    • Power
      99-199 W
    • Nominal Flux
      13230-26460 lm
    • IP
    • Beams
      extra wide, narrow, elliptical, asymmetrical
    • Diffuser
      glass, polycarbonate
    • Power factor
      >= 0,95
    • CRI
      >= 80