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Smart House. Description and analysis

Automation for House or intelligent home control system?
Product Inquiry

Product Inquiry

Smart House. Description and analysis


    Smart-House is the Carlo Gavazzi’s brand specialized in providing first-rate Home Automation installations. Based on the Dupline® Installation bus, Smart-house is a decentralized system, which controls and monitors lighting, roller blinds, heating, air-conditioning and security. This innovative structure opens up new opportunities to reduce energy consumption and increase the comfort and safety of your home. Operation, service and maintenance are simplified, with complete status overview, anytime and anywhere.
    The Carlo Gavazzi Smart-House system can be installed in residences under construction, or to replace existing electrical installations of an older residential construction, offering endless amenities and features that really do not have any restrictions, a which only limit is your imagination. And all them without the need for special wiring and with the possibility of simultaneous transit of network cabling on the same lines of strong currents (lighting, sockets etc.).

    Some of the control and operation functions that can offer the Carlo Gavazzi Smart-House are:

    -Cooling and heating settings according to your personal preferences for specific rooms and places in conjunction with sensors

    -Manual and Automatic handling of blinds, rolling shutters and awnings in conjunction with light, temperature and air velocity sensors

    -Saving energy by controlling devices and lighting with only a touch of a button when you exit of the home

    -Let your outdoor lights automatically turn on/off depending on the natural light level and your needs

    -Protect your home with build-in intruder function

    -Protection against fire with SMS alerts or person and service calling, with simultaneous activation of the local fire-fighting system

    -Leaks monitoring (bathrooms, basements etc.) with elegant sensors system and controlling the general water supply valve, SMS etc.

    -Immediately helping with one touch of a button, for old or sick persons in emergency situations. Automatically sending SMS and phone calling for inform you.

    -When humidity level becomes too high, the fan avoids steam invading the room. Even your bathroom mirrors will no longer have water vapor!

    -The timing of any function is a personal choice of the owners and each operation is performed in conjunction with environmental sensors

     -Event logging, alarms, energy consumption, adjustments, interventions, changes and umpteen other diagnostics through the wall color display system, as well as through tablets and mobile

    This system called SMART-HOUSE because
    -can reduce the heating when you're away from home or asleep
    -can pick your sunshade in storm-wind
    -can inform you about the status (open or closed) of doors and window when you exit 
    -can interrupt supply to sockets or devices (child rooms)
    -can handle of window blinds, tents and lighting (interior & exterior) with scenario-based sensors
    -can provide absolute safety from fire, flood and burglary, even if you forgot to activate the system (automatically activated during your absence)
    -and many other applications and functions based on your imagination and wishes

    And because the technology develop and offers more features, you can upgrade the existing old Smart-House (and Dupline), changing only the mastergenerator and controller. With this simple and easy changing the already installed Smart-House units and the system can accept any module from the new Smart-House system giving you all the latest developments in Smart-House.