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SB2WEB, BACnet, Smart Building
Smart building. Description and analysis

Automation or intelligent buildings control system?
Product Inquiry

Product Inquiry

Smart building. Description and analysis


    The Dupline® 2 wire-bus provides many advantages in building automation installations. Unlike RS485 based solutions, Dupline® can be wired using free topology for the cable including ring, star etc., the cable does not need to be screened or twisted and it can be run next to power cables without fear or interference.

    Many of the field devices are powered by the bus itself which simplifies the installation by removing the need for additional power supplies. The SBWEB BACnet gateway can also connect to energy meters - all data points from these and the Dupline® network are now automatically converted into  BACnet objects, ready to be integrated into the building automation system.

    BACnet, DALI and Dupline®
    With these 3 fieldbus systems seamless integrated in the SB2WEB controller, any networking requirement within HVAC and lighting control systems can be solved

    Integrated HVAC and lighting control
    • Bus-powered sensors and actuators for HVAC and lighting are connected to the same Dupline® bus thus eliminating the need for two separate networks and allowing data sharing at the field level

    • The SB2WEB is a full featured and fully scalable lighting controller with DALI master capability and can either operate stand-alone or integrated with a DDC control system

    • For the HVAC part, the SB2WEB provides a flexible and efficient link to the field I/O via the Dupline® 2-wire bus, while the DDC’s run the strategy

    Seamless integration with any DDC system
    • The BACnet/IP server of the SB2WEB provides a direct seamless interface with industry accepted DDC solutions and building management systems

    Seamless integration with any DDC system
    • The BACnet/IP server of the SB2WEB provides a direct seamless interface with industry accepted DDC solutions and building management systems

    Simplified wiring at the field level
    • The Dupline® 2-wire bus eliminates expensive wiring home runs, saving money on wiring and installation costs versus traditional Device-to-DDC solutions

    • The significant installation cost reduction is achieved without increasing material cost due to reduced need for DDC I/O’s and standard sensors

    • Dupline® is a robust and proven technology with over 150,000 installations worldwide including building automation, mining, oil drilling, railroads, and many, many, more...

    Fewer subpanels and DDC controllers
    • Distance from subpanel or DDC to field devices is greatly increased using Dupline® 2-wire bus technology
    • Number of I/Os of DDC Controller is substantially increased

    Flexible, modular and expandable
    • System can easily be expanded by simply extending the Dupline® bus cable and adding the desired modules
    • System flexibility, backwards compatibility and expandability save costs by minimizing the requirements for the system
    • Last minute changes are easily accommodated

    Integrated HVAC and lighting control with SB2WEB
    The SB2WEB BACnet controller is the brain and central unit of the system. It interfaces to DDC’s and the BMS through BACnet/IP, and can manage up to 7 Dupline® bus generators. The Dupline® fieldbus links together all the sensors, actuators and indicators needed for the HVAC and lighting systems in a free topology network. The robust and noise-immune bus runs on an un-shielded 2-wire cable with no need for end-of-line cable terminations. Several hundreds of meters cable length can be achieved depending on the load of bus-powered devices and cable dimensions. The DALI master provides the link from Dupline® to the DALI lighting actuators.

    Completely scalable Lighting control
    The BTL certified SB2WEB lighting control system is based on a combination of Dupline®, DALI and BACnet/IP. The system has been designed to use these specific bus systems in combination with each other in order to achieve an optimized integrated solution, easy to configure. At the field level, the Dupline® bus is used for the PIR/LUX sensors and light switches typically used in lighting control.

    The DALI master provides the link from Dupline® to the DALI lighting actuators, while other lighting loads can be controlled directly by means of Dupline® relays or dimmers. BACnet/IP provides the link to the BMS.

    The programming of the entire system with addressing, grouping and functions setup is carried out in a single PC-based configuration tool with seamless integration of data points from Dupline®, DALI and BACnet/IP. This simplifies commissioning considerably, because there is no need to configure the bridges between the networks, it happens automatically.

    The system is completely scalable, because each Dupline® network can have up to 7 DALI masters, and each SB2WEB can manage up to 7 Dupline® networks, and multiple SB2WEB’s can be linked via  ACnet/IP.

    SB2WEB – BACnet Controller
    The SB2WEB is the controller in Carlo Gavazzi’s modular concept for Smart Buildings. The Linux-based controller is equipped with an Etherport for BACnet/IP and Modbus/TCP communication. Via the two RS485 ports it can collect data from Carlo Gavazzi energy meters and various 3’rd party modbus devices, and subsequently make the all the electrical parameters available as BACnet/IP objects. Through the local bus connector in the side it connects to up to 7 Dupline® driver modules, each able to manage more than 400 data points. Also DIN-rail I/O-modules can be connected this way.

    The SB2WEB provides functions for control of lighting, blinds, temperature, logic, scheduling, sequencing, alarms and data logging.

    The functions can be controlled, monitored and operational parameters changed via BACnet objects, e.g. the lux setpoint for a constant light function.

    Dupline® environmental sensors
    Carlo Gavazzi’s line of bus-powered CO2, temperature and humidity sensors provides significant wiring advantages in HVAC control systems, especially in those cases where the sensors are widely distributed into several rooms of the building. The Dupline® 2-wire bus cable is simply multi-dropped from sensor to sensor collecting all the measured values – no power supply is required. Furthermore, since the measured values are transferred from the SB2WEB controller to the DDC controller via BACnet/IP, there is no need for expensive analog inputs on the DDC side.

    If additional sensors are needed later on, it is merely a question of connecting them to the already existing bus cable. The measured values can be shown on the optional backlit LCD display.